Welcome to foundation.moreheadmarketing.com

Test Drive A Foundation Website

Here is your chance to test drive a Foundation Website. This demo site and its corresponding SiteBuilder will let you play with all the features so you can quickly learn how easily you can manage your own website.

Let's Get Started

Go to the SiteBuilder url provided by Morehead Marketing. Once there, enter the Username and Password which you were provided. Feel free to make as many changes as you want. Once you make a change, go to the demo site, refresh your page, and the change should appear. The demo site will default back to its original settings each night.

What You Can Do

From SiteBuilder you can manage:

  • Site: manage overall functions such as footer information, social media buttons, site header, etc.
  • Pages: Add, edit or delete pages and photos.
  • Downloads: Ability to add files that visitors can download to their computer such as brochures, price sheets, etc.

We have also provided a SiteBuilder manual on the desktop for your reference.

Morehead Marketing will work with you to design and implement custom color schemes and a header for your website.