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Foundation Website Demo

Foundation Websites from Morehead Marketing

Foundation Websites from Morehead Marketing are great low-cost sites with lots of standard features and even more add-ons. We have built in flexibility so you can start small and expand your website as your business grows. Foundation Websites are designed to get you up and running with a great website that you can manage and update yourself. They are mobile friendly, have easy to edit page content with SiteBuilder(TM), are optimized for search engines, and best of all they will have a custom header design and color scheme for a look as unique as your business.

Give It A Test Drive

Using this demo site, you can try out all the features and our admin to see just how easy it all works and what great results you can get. Just go to Test Drive to get started.

Not Quite What You Need?

No problem. Not only do we offer a lot of standard features with our Foundation Websites, but there are also many add-ons you can get. Still needing something more? Maybe an e-commerce store or a site with more custom features? We've got you covered. Just give us a call at (304) 482-5629, and we will discuss your needs for a new Custom Website.